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Cadence: Video Poetry Festival

Cadence: Video Poetry Festival, presented by Northwest Film Forum in Seattle, Washington, programmed in collaboration with Seattle author Chelsea Werner-Jatzke and artist Rana San, is a series of screenings, workshops, and discussions on the genre of video poetry, during National Poetry Month. The festival approaches video poetry as a literary genre presented as visual media that makes new meaning from the combination of text and moving image. Featuring screenings, an artist residency, generative workshops for youth and adults, and juried awards, Cadence fosters critical and creative growth around the medium of video poetry. In April 2020, Cadence celebrated its third trip around the sun by presenting work by 80 artists from 20 countries over 5 days, all online. Partners in crime Chelsea and Rana were colleagues and friends long before Cadence was born, our friendship anchored by a shared pursuit of adventure, affinity for open bodies of water, and reliable Virgo nature. Chelsea is a writer exploring the liminal spaces of the literary arts and her interest in how words are experienced has led to …

VORSCHAU: Das ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival in Münster

Das ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster | Berlin findet vom 27. bis 30. Oktober 2016 erstmals in Münster statt. Schauplatz und Festivalzentrum ist das Programmkino Schloßtheater. Das ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival wurde 2002 vom Haus für Poesie in Berlin aus der Taufe gehoben. Es war die erste und ist die größte internationale Plattform für Kurzfilme, die auf Gedichten basieren – den Poesiefilmen.