Month: July 2018

›Versogramas‹ and the Possibilities for Videopoetry

Versogramas, the 2017 film directed by Belén Montero, is apparently the world’s first documentary about videopoetry, and as such, it’s likely that viewers may come to it with heightened expectations which will not be fulfilled. Taken on its own terms, however, I found it a delightful romp with a few glaring defects. It has great potential as a teaching aid in the poetry or film classroom—especially if, as I hope, its official web release is accompanied by links to all the videos and videopoets in the film. It’s also available as part of a bookDVD from Editorial Galaxia (which I have not seen).

Flicker film and the videopoem

A ›flicker film‹, as I have made them and understand them thus far, consists not of moving image footage but of a series of still images presented at around 24 or 25 per second. It could be described as an extremely rapid slideshow. Cinema film is also, of course, still images projected at 24 frames per second, but with the intention of transforming frames into seamless movement, whereas a flicker film disrupts the seamless with disparate frames.

Blue Flash Flash

Film des Monats Juli 2018 • Für das Rezitieren von Gedichten bedarf es der richtigen Atmung. In Gedichten, die in einem Atemzug gelesen werden müssen, wird damit auf sportliche Weise gespielt. Der Film »BLUE FLASH FLASH« von Jane Glennie nach einem Gedicht von Julia Bird beschreibt den Moment eines kindlichen Worterwerbs und fordert uns zum Selbstversuch heraus.